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About Me


I am a Wedding photographer, based in Lagos, with a unique artistic style and a love for candid captures!  (Also available to travel).

I started some years ago with a magazine company. Much to my surprise, the challenge of working as Image Editor led to a renewed passion for photography.


I specialize in weddings photography. I dabbled in portraits, Model, boudoir, events and studio works as well, so don’t be afraid to ask for something outside of the box!

These days, photography enables me to freeze memories…, to gaze up upon a moment and feel the raw emotions rising from within that image, and it’s a reason I should be the one documenting your wedding or portraits. Sometimes an image captures a moment in a way words fail to achieve. I aim to engage the viewers through my photos; to focus on intriguing subjects and timely events that impact our lives. I believe that moment photographs helps train the spotlight on reality.


I also love snapping quickies and unusual things encountered in daily life. Portraits are a particular favourite. It’s a joy seeing individual history reflecting through people’s eyes and mapped on their faces. Within the past months, my work has appeared in major Nigerian event Blogs

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